Shipping to the Mine

Supplies would be shipped to the region on ocean barges. Cargo would be transferred at or near Bethel to shallow-draft river barges. During the summer, river barges would transport supplies and fuel from Bethel upstream to the Jungjuk/Angyaruaq Port. The shipping season would last between three to four months. A 30-mile access road from Jungjuk/Angyaruaq Port to the mine site would be constructed.

To help reduce barge traffic on the Kuskokwim River and the amount of diesel fuel required, Donlin Gold is proposing to build a buried, natural-gas pipeline to supply on-site power generation. Personnel and some supplies would be transported by air to the mine. A longer airstrip would be constructed several miles away from the site.

Donlin Gold would be required to have an Oil Discharge and Prevention Contingency Plan (ODPCP). The plan would include staged response equipment and trained response crews.

How many barges would be going up and down the Kuskokwim River daily?

  • Up to three, one-way river barge trips would be made daily.
  • Four river barges would be used for transporting fuel and equipment, but they would not all be en route at once.
  • Use of barges would be seasonal from early June through early October.
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