Safety Philosophy

Donlin Gold is committed to being an industry leader in safety, from our environment to our employees.

From long-term design and engineering to everyday worksite behavior, we routinely go above and beyond safety regulations required by federal and state government agencies.

The safety of Donlin Gold employees is one of the company’s top priorities and core values. Donlin Gold employees and management live by the motto “Every Person Going Home Safe and Healthy Every Day,” which guides actions both on and off the worksite.

Donlin Gold management attend weekly safety meetings and have been proactive in the development of innovative methods for promoting safety in the workplace, including educational opportunities and added incentives to engage safe work practices. Various training programs help enhance the company’s safety culture by keeping certifications up-to-date. All Donlin employees have a tremendous level of dedication to the project and to educating one another in the workplace.

Donlin Gold remains a safe workplace because everyone works together to be safe, and all employees are focused on their own safety as well as that of their co-workers.

Safety Habits at Home

The techniques and safety habits that Donlin Gold employees have adopted in the workplace are being brought back to their communities. Our employees demonstrate their safety practices at home in many different ways, such as wearing protective eyewear and helmets, properly lifting heavy items and handling food.

This unexpected benefit shows Donlin Gold’s leadership and commitment to workplace safety and our employees’ commitment to a job well done.

Donlin Gold has participated in many safety outreach campaigns, such as boating safety at fish camps in the region as well as safe snowmachine practices during winter. We have also supported other safety-related regional programs, such as Bethel Search and Rescue and the Dragon Slayers EMT training program.

Donlin Gold Safety Awards

For seven consecutive years, Donlin Gold has been honored with the Barrick Merit of Safety Award, a distinction that recognizes 365 days of zero loss-time incidents. Winning this award is an example of Donlin Gold’s commitment to providing an injury-free workplace for all of its employees.

The Alaska Department of Labor and Workforce Development recognized Donlin Gold with an award for accomplishing 1.4 million work hours with zero loss-time injuries.

The Donlin Gold team has also received three awards from the International Society of Mine Safety Professionals (ISMSP) for outstanding safety performance.

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