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Our Commitment

Our Commitment

Donlin Gold is committed to protecting and benefiting the Yukon Kuskokwim region.

We live this commitment every day and in many different ways, but more than any other, through a dedication to safety. Donlin Gold is taking exceptional steps to design, build and operate a safe mine that protects our employees, the people of the region and our environment. From long-term engineering to everyday worksite behavior, we routinely go above and beyond safety standards required by state and federal government agencies. We are also setting aside long-term investments that will be utilized for returning the mine site to its natural state after mining operations have ended decades from now.

As one of the largest commercial entities in Southwest Alaska, we are working hard to benefit the region. We have made hiring Calista shareholders and other residents of the YK region a priority, now and in the future. In fact, we have set an unprecedented Alaska hire rate, at times exceeding 90 percent.

In addition to already being one of Southwest Alaska’s largest employers, Donlin Gold also benefits YK region communities in other ways, such as donations to nonprofit organizations, schools, training programs, sports events, scholarships and others.

Part of our commitment means preserving the YK region’s way of life, and Donlin Gold is dedicated to protecting subsistence rights on the waters and lands that surround our project and honoring the traditions of Alaska Native culture practiced by our employees and neighbors.

Our values

From our senior executives to our newest employee, Donlin Gold is guided by corporate values similar to the ancient values that have guided Alaska’s Native peoples for thousands of years:



Act consistently and honestly


Be committed to making a positive contribution


Be accountable for your words and actions


Treat everyone with civility, on or off the job. Acknowledge the dignity and value of all team members


Meet goals while honoring our values


Contribute to the group’s efforts. Allow others to contribute