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Potential Jobs at Donlin Gold


Employment at Donlin Gold


How many jobs would the project create?

Short answer: A significant number of jobs will be created, but until we’ve completed the permitting and planning phases, we cannot be sure exactly how many.

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Exploration phase

During exploration, the Donlin Gold workforce has included up to 240 employees.


Construction phase

Once the permitting phase is completed and we begin to build the mine and its related support infrastructure, construction contractors would need to fill jobs to build the project facilities, natural-gas pipeline, ports and roads.


Operation phase

If developed, the Donlin Gold project would be one of the largest employers in the Yukon Kuskokwim region. Once the construction on the project is completed, different jobs would be created to operate the mine. Operation of the mine is anticipated to last 27 years, possibly more, so these jobs are long-term careers.


Local hire

Just as there is now, a local-hire program would be in place to provide jobs to residents in the YK region.

Donlin Gold is a drug- and alcohol-free workplace.